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Naturopathic analysis of pathology results

Have you ever seen a doctor and they have said everything is fine, your blood results are all within range but you feel far from it?

This happens all the time, and it's those who end up in my clinic still searching for answers.

Let me briefly explain how doctors review medical blood tests and how things can be missed.

Doctors are trained in looking for disease states, not nutrient deficiencies or organ dysfunction that can be causing abnormal results. The reference ranges on the right hand side of your blood tests is what the doctor is comparing your results too. If they are within these ranges displayed, than "everything is normal." If this was the case, you wouldn't be sitting in the doctor's office in the first place, right?.

Unfortunately the reference ranges are calculated on a statistical average of  unwell people getting that specific blood test in that specific pathology lab, therefore all labs have their own reference ranges that are based on unhealthy people and is why the doctor can miss key results on your pathology tests. 

As a Naturopath, we take a holistic view at all the information provided by our clients. This means that your bloods are reviewed to see if they are well within optimal ranges (and not just at either end of the scale or just over their limits), as well as looking at multiple test results to confirm or rule out any findings to obtain a much more complete analysis of your results.

Pathology testing can be done through your Naturopath, which can save money and time, as you can request a test needed to establish what's going on for you or with the assistance of your practitioner they can suggest what test are relevant and necessary and can review your pathology results for you for a deeper understanding to your condition.

As Naturopaths we are not covered by medicare, therefore the tests are a small out of pocket expense to the client, but well worth every penny to get a proper picture as to what is causing your condition.

I have attached a pathology request form for WA only, which includes the cost per test.

For all other states, please contact me for further information at


What is a naturopathic analysis of pathology

A pathology analysis is a review of multiple tests not just an individual result to confirm the findings. I am also looking for any nutrient deficiencies that can directly or indirectly cause abnormal results, organ dysfunction, confirmation of presenting signs and symptoms and their causes, and/or to rule out any suspected diagnosis.

You will receive a detailed report of my analysis of your test results either in person, phone or zoom. 

Cost of my naturopathic analysis report is $65

You can email me your pathology results here:

For bookings you can book online above in the menu section or the button below, and select the "pathology analysis and report" option and your desired day and time.